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IR SEMI-STATE PREVIEWS Shelbyville Semi State Preview/Predictions

Girls Team Predictions

1. Zionsville

2. Carmel

3. Cathedral

4. Brebeuf

5. Bishop Chatard

6. Noblesville

7. Brownsburg

8. Cardinal Ritter

9. Plainfield

10. Avon

11. New Palestine

12. Batesville

13. Franklin Central

14. Center Grove

15. Whiteland

16. Franklin Community

17. Greensburg

18. Roncalli

19. Mt. Vernon

20. Warren Central

Girls Individual Predictions

1. Madeline Keller - Brebeuf

2. Katelyn Wasson - Zionsville

3. Zoe Simmons - Brebeuf

4. Lily Cridge - Chatard

5. Mary Anna Wehrle – Cardinal Ritter

6. Anna Settle - Zionsville

7. Maria Mitchell – Hamilton Height

8. Grace Carr - Cathedral

9. Emily Loiselle - Chatard

10. Mariah Wehrle – Cardinal Ritter

11. Brenner Hanna - Greensburg

12. Brooke Dixon - Brownsburg

13. Gillian Cridge - Cathedral

14. Sophia Kennedy – Park Tudor

15. Murphy Adams - Lebanon

16. Jasmine Klopstond - Carmel

17. Brooke Waldal - Carmel

18. Bridget Gallagher – Guerin Catholic

19. Audrey Knoper – Western Boone

20. Jessica Velez - Pike

Others to Watch: Margaret Allen, Lillian Lacy, Brianna Lawson, Alivia Romaniuk, Brooke Lahee, Brooklyn Edwards, Brenna Shaw, Audrey Brinkruff

Girls Team Preview

Teams in the Mix to Win

* Zionsville – The Eagles still haven’t run quite at full strength this season. Senior Lauren Rinehart has been in and out of the lineup and Sarah Peterson is just now starting to race like she did in 2018. The Eagles are the favorite coming in with a lot of upside.

* Carmel – Carmel has a tough lineup to predict, given that their #1 runner has changed drastically throughout the season. All that shows though is that they have a potent lineup. You can never count the Greyhounds out.

Teams in Position to Qualify

* Cathedral – Their top three continue to make drops in time and look to be peaking well. Getting their #5 runner significantly under 20 minutes will be key to their success moving forward.

* Brebeuf – Putting their top two runners under 18 minutes at the Regional is an incredible feat. Their 3/4/5 haven’t progressed quite as expected though. If they do, this team could challenge for a top three spot.

* Chatard – The darling team out of the of Shelbyville Semi-State, Chatard has come seemingly out of nowhere this season. Led by Lily Cridge and Emily Loiselle, both top 15 hopefuls, Chatard looks like a lock to qualify.

Teams on the Bubble

* Noblesville – The Millers find themselves in an excellent position to make another trip to Terre Haute. They boast incredible talent in their top three runners and excellent depth, which should have them feeling good about their chances.

* Brownsburg – To qualify for the State Meet, the Bulldogs will need to run really well. Brooke Dixon will be searching for a top 10 finish individually, and they will need their pack to match up well with Noblesville.

Girls Individual Preview

The Brebeuf duo of Keller and Simmons showed well at the Regional, both going under 18 minutes. But Katelyn Wasson managed to beat both at FlashRock earlier this season. Wehrle and Cridge will no doubt be contenders as well and if they can hang on to the pack long enough, they have to feel good about their chances to pull an upset as well. Where this race will be decided is in places 5-25, where anyone could make a big move and teams chances to advance lie in question.

Boys Team Predictions

1. Carmel

2. Brebeuf

3. Brownsburg

4. Center Grove

5. Zionsville

6. North Central

7. Noblesville

8. Cathedral

9. Franklin Community

10. Franklin Central

11. Plainfield

12. Avon

13. Batesville

14. Ben Davis

15. Warren Central

16. Roncalli

17. Whiteland

18. Mt Vernon

19. Cambridge City

20. Greenwood

Boys Individual Predictions

1. Alex Frey – North Central

2. Jack Kovach - Brebeuf

3. Jesus Garcia - Zionsville

4. Kole Mathison - Carmel

5. Travis Hickner - Noblesville

6. Cole Kimmel - Noblesville

7. Dalton Kane - Plainfield

8. Grant Moon - Carmel

9. Will Jefferson - Whiteland

10. Robby Pratt - Zionsville

11. Paul Stamm – Cardinal Ritter

12. Alex Freeman - Brownsburg

13. Wyatt McCullough – Franklin Community

14. Krishna Thirunavukkarasu - Brebeuf

15. Nicholas Hruskoci - Cathedral

16. Nathan Beeler - Avon

17. Drew Costelow – Center Grove

18. Archit Malik – Center Grove

19. Ty Garrett – Center Grove

20. Bennett Dubois – Lawrence Central

Others to watch: Kai Conner, Andrew Shellenberger, Will Stamm, Steven Schnepp, Trevor Nolan, Logan Cole

Boys Team Preview

Teams in the Mix to Win

* Carmel – Carmel looks to be rounding into form right when it counts. Their front-running concerns are long gone having Mathison and Moon both run 15:32 and 15:33 in the last two weeks. Of course, their depth in their pack is unquestioned. The Greyhounds are the favorites.

* Brebeuf – The Braves managed to beat Carmel by one point at last week’s regional, given the Greyhounds ran without Kole Mathison. That feat will be tough to duplicate this week but not impossible.

The 3-6 Team Battle:

* Brownsburg – Brownsburg has been the most consistent in this group over the past two months. They should feel really good about their chances to make the trip to Terre Haute.

* Center Grove – Center Grove has also been extremely consistent this season. They are led by a potent top three with youth that has upside.

* Zionsville – Garcia is running as a state contender right now and Pratt had a breakout race at the Regional. In order to guarantee their state meet spot, the key will be getting their 4/5 to match up with those of the other teams around them. * Noblesville – Losing Andrew Anderson is a huge blow as the Millers don’t have the depth to remain a top 3 lock. Hopefully they can be resilient and find enough to survive another week. * North Central – The Panthers have the low stick with Alex Frey and some really nice complimentary runners in Hendricks and freshman stud, Killeen. This is a dangerous team. * Cathedral – Cathedral is hoping to play shocker this Saturday. They have been in and out of the top 25 all season but have really run well the past two weeks. It is totally conceivable that they grab a top 6 spot.

Boys Individual Preview

The battle up front should be a treat. Alex Frey has taken his game up to the next level all season and Kovach has been right there with him. Relative unknown Jesus Garcia has shown incredible improvement throughout the season and you shouldn’t be surprised to see him up front. Dalton Kane is a darkhorse after a monster race in Terre Haute at the Nike Twilight Meet, having run 15:31. A chase pack of Noblesville’s two studs, Hickner and Kimmel and Carmel’s #1 and #2 Mathison and Moon should also make this race interesting up front. Brown County Semi State Preview/Predictions

Girls Team Predictions

1. Columbus North

2. Bloomington North

3. Floyd Central

4. Bloomington South

5. Northview

6. Edgewood

7. Terre Haute South

8. Forest Park

9. Jasper

10. Seymour

11. Evansville Memorial

12. Mt. Vernon

13. South Knox

14. Barr-Reeve

15. Charlestown

16. Northeast Dubois

17. Jennings County

18. Columbus East

19. Princeton

20. Corydon Central

Girls Individual Predictions

1. Annalyssa Crain – 11 – Edgewood

2. Sydney Liddle – 12 – Floyd Central

3. Brianna Newell – 9 – Columbus North

4. Mackenzie Barnett – 11 – Columbus North

5. Andi Vanmeter – 10 – Jasper

6. Allison Morphew – 12 – Evansville Memorial

7. Olivia Morlock – 12 – Columbus North

8. Bea Cakmak – 10 – Bloomington North

9. Clara Crain – 9 – Edgewood

10. Abbey Armstrong – 12 – Bloomington North

11. Lily Baker – 9 – Columbus North

12. Jacy Collins – 12 – Shakamak

13. Makenna Pruett – 10 – Barr-Reeve

14. Ellie Hall – 10 – Forest Park

15. Abby Beathea – 10 – Bloomington South

16. Heidy Meade – 9 – Princeton

17. Micah Peals – 10 – Terre Haute South

18. Quinn Wilson – 12 – Bloomington North

19. Chloe Loftus – 12 – Floyd Central

20. Savannah Liddle – 9 – Floyd Central

Girls Team Preview

Teams in the Mix to Win

* Bloomington North has been ranked in the top ten pretty steadily all season. The Cougars are a deep team without a true frontrunner for the state meet but should field multiple in the top 20 individuals here. Senior Mya Hagerty has missed two of the last three races; a return to her usual form would boost BN’s odds of winning here.

* Columbus North has emerged as a serious podium threat for the state finals, ascending as high as third in our rankings recently. The Bull Dogs have an elite first four, one that may be nearly impossible for any other team in the area to match. CN has a plethora of runners from which to draw from in order to close the door on scoring and secure the semistate title this week and potentially a set of medals next.

Teams in Position to Qualify

* Bloomington South, by the numbers, is very likely to qualify for the state meet. A glance of their roster shows a team potentially ravaged by injuries, including the top two not competing since late September. Either way, the Panthers should still advance.

* Edgewood will score four here, and essentially at the state meet as well. The Mustangs are not especially deep, and an injury has exacerbated those issues, but the frontrunning gets them through with relative easy.

* Floyd Central has a great frontrunner in senior Sydney Liddle. The Highlanders are easily clear of the field here to advance and could be a top ten team in Terre Haute next week.

* Northview is likely to make its first state meet since 2003. The Knights typically score four freshmen. An untimely illness or injury could jeopardize what seems a likely advancement here.

Teams on the Bubble

* Terre Haute South is looking for one of the the Bloomington South-Edgewood-Northview trio to trip up. The Braves’ top duo plus solid running from the depth could get out if any of the other teams need to go too far back for scoring.

Girls Individual Preview

* Edgewood junior Annalyssa Crain should win easily and provides the state with its only real challenger to Dwenger’s Erin Strzlecki next week for the individual title. Her no-nonsense approach to racing puts her in a great position to challenge at the state finals as well. Floyd Central senior Sydney Liddle is a likely All-Stater as well. Bloomington North and Columbus North should each have a strong chase pack contingent.

Boys Team Predictions

1. Bloomington South

2. Columbus North

3. Bloomington North

4. Jasper

5. Floyd Central

6. Jennings County

7. Northview

8. Terre Haute South

9. Austin

10. Castle

11. Terre Haute North

12. New Albany

13. Borden

14. Tell City

15. Evansville Memorial

16. Vincennes Lincoln

17. South Knox

18. Seymour

19. Gibson Southern

20. White River Valley

Boys Individual Predictions

1. Jack Gillard – 12 – Bloomington South

2. Matt Newell – 10 – Columbus North

3. Paul Rushton – 12 – Bloomington North

4. Uriah Guthrie – 12 – Eastern (Pekin)

5. Jackson Miller – 12 - Jasper

6. Cael Light – 11 – Terre Haute South

7. Reese Kilbarger-Stumpff – 10 – Columbus North

8. Carter Leak – 12 – Jennings County

9. Spenser Wolf – 10 – Forest Park

10. Matt Gambill – 10 – Terre Haute South

11. Josh Miller – 12 – Bloomington South

12. Neal Alderson – 11 – Bloomington South

13. Phillipp Tabert – 11 – Austin

14. Camden Marshall – 11 – Corydon Central

15. Andy Stohr – 11 – Columbus North

16. Neil Egyhazi – 12 – Bloomington South

17. Drew O’Neil – 12 - Jasper

18. Dean Schmidt – 12 – Evansville North

19. Dylan Zeck – 9 – Terre Haute North

20. Evan Carr – 10 – Columbus North

Boys Team Preview

Teams in the Mix to Win

* Bloomington South is running well at the right time. When adjusted for missing but usual scorers—the Panthers were without usual frontrunner Jack Gillard—South had the fourth best regional performance of any team in the state. The Panthers could have four in the top 20 and score just four if Gillard wins individually. This is a potential podium team.

* Columbus North has a very similar team to Bloomington South with a great frontrunner and more than adequate depth. Both are potential podium teams and both could have four in the top 20. Sophomore Reese Kilbarger-Stumpff could prove the difference for North. He’s missed some meets this season but has also performed at an All-State level at times.

Teams in Position to Qualify

* Bloomington North has a great frontrunner in senior Paul Rushton and enough depth to advance comfortably. This would make eight consecutive state meet appearances for the Cougars.

* Floyd Central got a boost from the return of senior David Heinneman at the regional last week. His potential scoring contribution—he was seventh man last weekend—could help mitigate another loss of a top guy.

* Jasper has been a solid state meet team all season, and though the Wildcats have performed a bit lower in October than September, it certainly has not been enough to jeopardize their Terre Haute dreams.

* Jennings County is the most vulnerable of these “near locks” but also has the most experience after the Panthers qualified for the past three state finals. Anything close to their sectional and regional performance should get the job done this weekend.

Teams on the Bubble

* Austin could make it with great races and a lot of help from teams ranked ahead.

* Northview is the biggest contender to advance outside of the top-six ranked teams. Through three, the Knights are right in with some of teams; they would need big races after that to challenge.

* Terre Haute South does not appear to have the depth necessary, but the top duo could give them at least a shot if three others run their best races, by far, ever.

Boys Individual Preview

* Unlike the girls, the boys’ race is wide open. Bloomington North’s Paul Rushton is the top returner and holds down the number one ranking on inccstats. Bloomington South’s Jack Gillard has perhaps the highest upside. Columbus North’s Matt Newell has potentially enjoyed the best season of anyone in the semistate up to this point.

It is likely, but not certain, that the winner will come from this top trip. The aforementioned Reese Kilbarger-Stumpff could get into the mix with a great race as could Jasper’s Jackson Miller, the Terre Haute South duo of Cael Light and Matt Gambill or Eastern’s Uriah Guthrie. Any of those could be threats to finish in the top 25 next week at the state meet.

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