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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

2023 Shelbyville Regional Preview

Boys Individual Predictions:

1. Sam Quagliaroli, 11, Fishers

2. Matthew Kim, 12, Fishers

3. Kyle Montgomery, 12, Center Grove

4. Chris Ross, 12, Greenfield Central

5. Caden Click, 12, Noblesville

6. Gavin Rockwell, 12, Center Grove

7. Evan Farmer, 11, Franklin Central

8. Sam Rinker, 12, Noblesville

9. Ronnie Neal, 11, Noblesville

10. Liam Brinkruff, 12, Greenfield Central

11. Grant Coburn, 12, Warren Central

12. Carter Crouch, 12, Greenfield Central

13. Joseph Ashman, 12, Franklin Central

14. Cameron Smith, 12, Lapel

15. Andrew Smith, 12, HSE

How the Boys Individual Race Might Unfold

* Fisher’s Sam Quagliaroli is the pretty clear-cut favorite here for the regional title. He should take the win comfortably over his own teammate, Matthew Kim. Expect Kyle Montgomery, Chris Ross, and Caden Click to round out the top 5. Look for a trio of Cougars from Greenfield Central to advance to Terre Haute as individuals with strong top 15 performances this Saturday.

Boys Teams Predictions:

1. Noblesville

2. Fishers

3. HSE

4. Franklin Central

5. Center Grove

6. Greenfield Central

7. Mt. Vernon

8. Perry Meridian

9. Lawrence North

10. Indian Creek

11. Guerin Catholic

12. Westfield

13. Milan

14. Richmond

15. Greenwood Community

16. Austin

17. Franklin Community

18. Cathedral

19. Madison Consolidated

20. Batesville

21. Northeastern

22. Hagerstown

23. Henryville

24. Rushville

25. New Washington

Boys Team Commentary

Fishers got the better of Noblesville at the Sectional round; however, the bigger meet format favors the Millers with a 73.5% chance to win according to INCCSTATS. The Tigers should be a comfortable second with HSE, Franklin Central, and Center Grove rounding on the top 5. Greenfield Central carries the “Lloyd Christmas” banner as the Cougars would need a lot of help from their 4-5 to toe the line as a team at Terre Haute.

In the Mix to Win:

* Noblesville

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Fishers


*Franklin Central

On the Bubble:

* Center Grove

* Greenfield Central

Girls Individual Predictions:

1. Ava Jarrell, 11, Pendleton Heights

2. Libby Dowty, 10, Indian Creek

3. Kylie Cline, 12, Franklin Central

4. Savana Miller, 11, Franklin Central

5. Maggie Powers, 12, HSE

6. Liz Smith, 12, Westfield

7. Summer Rempe, 12, Noblesville

8. Victoria Jackson, 12, Whiteland

9. Alivia Lozier, 9, Westfield

10. Nadia Perez, 12, Noblesville

11. Callie Bentley, 10, East Central

12. Elizabeth Butler, 11, HSE

13. Lucy Marquart, 12, Cathedral

14. Lily Rollings, 10, Greenwood

15. Anissa Lammie, 9, HSE

How the Girls Individual Race Might Unfold

* An incredibly exciting individual race awaits between Ava Jarrell and Libby Dowty. Both girls are in contention for the state title on the final Saturday of October. Will either show their hand? Look for this race to come down to the final few steps. The Flashes’ duo of Kylie Cline and Savana Miller should lead the chase pack… will Noblesville’s Summer Rempe repeat her strong showing from Sectionals? If so, that bodes very well for the Millers headed into the final weekend of competition.

Girls Teams Predictions:

1. Noblesville

2. HSE

3. Franklin Central

4. Westfield

5. Guerin Catholic

6. Mt. Vernon

7. Roncalli

8. East Central

9. Center Grove

10. Franklin Community

11. Pendleton Heights

12. Whiteland Community

13. Cathedral

14. Batesville

15. Indian Creek

16. Greenfield Central

17. Lawrence North

18. Richmond

19. Centerville

20. Charlestown

21. Rushville Consolidated

22. South Dearborn

23. Southwestern

24. Switzerland County

25. Madison Consolidated

Girls Team Commentary

Noblesville/HSE. HSE/Noblesville. These two squads have seen each other just about every single Saturday this season. While the Royals were dominating most of the year, the Millers have recently found their stride (pun intended)- Millers by a hair. Franklin Central and Westfield should both comfortably make it out with the final spot likely going to Guerin Catholic (because, we’re out here… we’re on these streets!!) Mt. Vernon and Roncalli have had fantastic seasons and will be represented with individuals at the state meet.

In the Mix to Win:

* Noblesville


In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Franklin Central

* Westfield

On the Bubble:

* Guerin Catholic

* Mt. Vernon

* Roncalli

2023 Brownsburg Regional Preview

Boys Individual Predictions:

1. Cameron Todd, 12, Brebeuf

2. Anthony Provenzano, 12, Carmel

3. Kyle Grove, 12, Carmel

4. Ian Baker, 11, Brownsburg

5. Jack Turnbull, 10, Zionsville

6. Sam Spees, 11, Zionsville

7. Hayden Kemple, 11, Clinton Prairie

8. Thomas Biltimier, 12, Carmel

9. Landon Miller, 10, Greencastle

10. Zach Risner, 11, Avon

11. Evan Mayo, 12, Zionsville

12. Jakob Nehring, 11, Plainfield

13. Jack Hearld, 11, Danville

14. Jack Capes, 11, Carmel

15. Samuel Clore, 12, Avon

How the Boys Individual Race Might Unfold:

Cameron Todd and Anthony Provenzano should provide another epic battle up front. These two are far and away the class of the field, and this matchup will provide at least a two-man preview of what to watch for next week in the individual state championship. After these two, there will be a flurry of runners from Carmel, Zionsville, Brownsburg, and Avon fighting for valuable team points within the top 25. What will really be interesting to see is some of the smaller school runners will fall. Hayden Kemple, Landon Miller, Jack Hearld, and Christopher Angeles will get their opportunity to race some of the state’s top talent.

Boys Teams Predictions:

1. Carmel

2. Zionsville

3. Brownsburg

4. Avon

5. North Central

6. Bishop Chatard

7. Harrison (WL)

8. Lafayette Jefferson

9. Pike

10. West Lafayette

11. Plainfield

12. Ben Davis

13. Terre Haute South

14. Northview

15. Maconaquah

16. Western

17. Crawfordsville 18. Seeger 19. Clinton Prairie

20. Heritage Christian

21. Cass

22. Pioneer

23. South Putnam

24. Clay City

25. Terre Haute North

Boys Team Commentary

In the Mix to Win:

*Carmel – The Greyhounds have the #1 stick in almost every race and a 2-5 group that has been nearly impossible to match all season. They gapped Zionsville by a margin of 24 to 43 at the Sectional. That type of dominant performance should leave little doubt that they are the favorite.

*Zionsville – The only time the Eagles have been able to come close to beating Carmel was at the Eagle Classic when Anthony Provenzano did not run. Zionsville matches up well 1-3 with Carmel, but have yet to find the 4/5 depth to finish the job.

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

*Brownsburg – Featuring 4 underclassmen in the top 5, it’s hard not to look to the future of Brownsburg. The Bulldogs have state podium aspirations this year, though. They have been steady all year with a great #1 runner in Ian Baker and a great pack.

On the Bubble:

*Avon – The Orioles are coming on strong when it counts. Their #1 and #2 punch is potent and their pack should be solid enough to get the job done. Avon had a great showing at the Sectional and have momentum in their favor.

*North Central – North Central has struggled to find consistency this year. At one point early in the season, they inched their way up into the top 10 state rankings. They weren’t able to maintain however, as they fought their way through injuries. The roster is still very good and if they can get healthy at the right time, they are still a force to be reckon with.

*Bishop Chatard – Bishop Chatard was just four points behind North Central at the Sectional. The team will need to be at their best on Saturday to grab a qualifying spot. It may seem like a tall task, but their needle has been trending up the past few weeks. *Harrison (WL) – Harrison may have surprised some enroute to winning the Sectional last week, but not us. They have been in and out of the top 25 all year long. The Raiders have a real shot to qualify for the State Meet. *Lafayette Jefferson – The Bronchos have an extremely strong 1-4 group. They had to feel like they were waiting forever for their #5 runner to cross the line at the Sectional, though. Their 5, 6, and 7 runners are all close to each other. If one can break out, they are arguably better, on paper, than Harrison and Chatard. *West Lafayette – Of those qualifying from the Harrison Sectional, the Red Devils are the team sporting the most depth. One of Indiana’s most historic cross country programs, it should be of no surprise to anyone if West Lafayette snatches up a qualifying spot. Number one runner Ryan Miloudi has had a great season and their depth is a strength.

Girls Individual Predictions:

1. Julia Score, 10, Chatard

2. Jessica Hegedus, 12, Avon

3. Hadessah Austin, 12, Seeger

4. Hannah Moore, 12, Northwestern

5. Maddie Rocchio, 12, North Central

6. Elizabeth Rocchio, 10, North Central

7. Annabel Pollert, 12, Carmel

8. Larkin Taylor, 9, Carmel

9. Ella Hayes, 12, Northview

10. Sadie Foley, 10, Carmel

11. Scout Newman, 10, Brownsburg

12. Kaelina Matthews, 11, North Central

13. Kelsey Rehmel, 11, North Central

14. Lucy Wood, 10, Brebeuf

15. Aftin Griffin, 10, Lewis Cass

How the Girls Individual Race Might Unfold

*Thus far, Julia Score has been the class of the field. If either Jessica Hegedus, Hadessah Austin, or Hannah Moore decide to go with Score, the fast early pace could lead to some blazing times. The battle for the top 6 spots really is the story here. The Rocchio girls have had an amazing season and have shown they can mix it up with anyone. Much like the boys race, positions 7-25 will likely be dominated by the depth from the better teams in this Regional.

Girls Teams Predictions:

1. North Central

2. Carmel

3. Brownsburg

4. Zionsville

5. Harrison (WL)

6. Avon

7. Brebeuf

8. Bishop Chatard

9. Seeger

10. West Lafayette

11. Plainfield

12. Northview

13. Western

14. Maconaquah

15. Northwestern 16. Ben Davis

17. Park Tudor

18. Terre Haute South

19. Cass

20. Faith Christian

21. McCutcheon

22. Terre Haute North

23. Caroll (Flora)

24. West Vigo

25. Sullivan

Girls Team Commentary

In the Mix to Win:

*North Central – It’s been a great season for the Panthers and they are the favorite in this race. They have been the most consistent of any team in this field.

*Carmel – The Greyhounds will need to disrupt the 3-5 runners for North Central with some great pack running if they have any hopes of winning. They don’t have the front runners to match the Rocchio girls, so they will depend on putting all five of their scoring members near or under 19:15.

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

*Brownsburg – Brownsburg has good depth and have been on an upswing as of late. The Sectional showing for Scout Newman has catapulted this team into a position where they should qualify for the State Meet.

*Zionsville – Without a true #1 runner and without the ability to put all seven runners under 19:40, there is very little margin of error for the Eagles. They have put together a strong season, however, and if all goes to plan, Zionsville should expect to be running again next week.

On the Bubble:

*Harrison (WL) – Harrison looked dominant at their home Sectional. Their #4 and #5 will need to come in well ahead of Avon’s #5 for them to hold form.

*Avon – Avon is the ultimate boom-or-bust team. The bigger the field, the more damage Jessica Hegedus will do to opposing team scores. They struggle with depth all the way to their #5 runner.

*Brebeuf – Depth is the story of our bubble teams here. Brebeuf, like Harrison and Avon, cannot afford for any of their depth pieces to have a bad day. Emily Garten, Lucy Wood, and Isabel Garcia are definitely on the rise. The battle for the last qualifying spot in this Regional will be something to watch.

2023 Mater Dei Regional Preview

Boys Individual Predictions:

1. Will Conway, 12, Floyd Central

2. Neal White, 11, Columbus North

3. Jackson Nolan, 11, Evansville Reitz

4. Ryan Rheam, 12, Bloomington South

5. Alex Pinckney, 12, Christian Academy of Indiana

6. Jacob Mitchell, 10, Bloomington North

7. Calvin Seitz, 9, Jasper

8. Luca Cirincione, 11, Floyd Central

9. Sawyer Mossberger, 11, Evansville Reitz

10. Martin Barco, 12, Martinsville

11. Bryce Jones, 11, Orleans

12. Noah Nifong, 11, Floyd Central

13. Caelen D’Onofrio, 10, Bloomington North

14. Akot Tong, 12, Columbus North

15. Zane Meyer, 11, Edgewood

How the Boys Individual Race Might Unfold

* Floyd Central senior Will Conway is the clear favorite. He sat the sectional last week, presumably in anticipation of a big postseason run. If there is more to his absence Saturday than long-term planning—and we have no reason to believe that’s the case—it could get interesting up front individually. Columbus North junior Neal White and Evansville Reitz junior Jackson Nolan have shown flashes of brilliance this fall while Bloomington North sophomore Jacob Mitchell has consistently performed at that level when racing all out. CAI senior Alex Pinckney has also had a great season while Bloomington South senior Ryan Rheam has been sporadic but ran perhaps his best race of the season in the sectional round. Martinsville senior Martin Barco has had an enigmatic fall, and at this point looks more like a fringe All-Stater than a fringe title contender.

Boys Teams Predictions:

1. Bloomington North

2. Columbus North

3. Floyd Central

4. Evansville Reitz

5. Bloomington South

6. Castle

7. Jasper

8. Springs Valley

9. Edgewood

10. South Knox

11. Silver Creek

12. Evansville Memorial

13. Greensburg

14. Corydon Central

15. Gibson Southern

16. Jennings County

17. Barr-Reeve

18. Princeton

19. Tell City

20. New Albany

21. Orleans

22. Brownstown Central

23. Perry Central

24. Bedford North Lawrence

25. Seymour

Boys Team Commentary

In the Mix to Win:

This might be the most even of all five regionals upfront on the boys side with four teams harboring hopes of finishing on the podium in Terre Haute next week.

* Bloomington North has raced the best over the last several weeks of all the regional teams. Mitchell gives the Cougars a great frontrunner, and North has enviable depth so one sub-par race won’t submarine chances of a regional title or podium finish these next two weeks provided that Mitchell runs up to his capabilities.

* Columbus North has been solid all season. White gets them off to a good start and senior Akot Tong has made a huge leap this fall. North doesn’t have quite the depth of BN, but all seven of the Bull Dogs could bury Floyd and Reitz’s final scorers.

* Evansville Reitz is solid through four runners but the depth likely isn’t there for a podium finish at the state finals. In a meet of similar size but less competition, Reitz’s frontrunning could be enough to get the win at the regional level.

* Floyd Central has the best statistical rating, a lot of security with Conway up front and two other potential All-Staters. Floyd’s fourth and fifth will be quite a bit behind some of the other teams in the regional so the Highlanders are hoping the top trio can offset those points in a large field.

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Bloomington South has had an inconsistent fall, but the Panthers should easily qualify for another state meet. Rheam helps get South single digit score up front and the combination of seniors Joe Zinkan and Hunter Tabor should be good enough.

On the Bubble:

* Castle has a small percentage chance to escape the regional, but the Knights would likely need one of the top three from Bloomington South not to race to stay close. Castle’s depth is good, but lack of a legitimate frontrunner at a meet of this size puts the Knights in a big deficit early in scoring.

Girls Individual Predictions:

1. Kaitlyn Stewart, 12, Floyd Central

2. Jasmine Martoglio, 10, Bloomington South

3. Maddie Graber, 10, Southridge

4. Laura Barco, 10, Martinsville

5. Hannah Crain, 10, Edgewood

6. Peyton Smith, 12, Linton-Stockton

7. Cordelia Hoover, 12, Evansville Reitz

8. Kyleigh Wolf, 11, Columbus North

9. Lexi Kollbaum, 9, Bloomington South

10. Carys Glen-Jones, 11, Columbus North

11. Lilli Pavey, 10, Corydon Central

12. Malloy Watt, 10, Princeton

13. Lilyanna Blais, 11, Eastern (Greene)

14. Nola Somers Glenn, 12, Bloomington North

15. Ainsley Sherlock, 10, Columbus North

How the Girls Individual Race Might Unfold

* Floyd Central senior Kaitlyn Stewart has consistently been the best girl in the regional on a week-to-week basis. She cruised to victory in the regional by fifty seconds and with availability issues plaguing her team, her single point at the top is more important than ever this week. Bloomington South sophomore Jasmine Martoglio could win as well. She returned to action in the sectional after a two-month hiatus. Southridge sophomore Maddie Graber was the other big-time performer at the sectional, winning her race by seventy seconds; she should factor into the race at the front as well. Martinsville sophomore Laura Barco is a darkhorse contender that could surprise. Her regular season results were sparse after balancing soccer and cross country, but with her attention exclusively on running now she could see a performance bump.

Girls Teams Predictions:

1. Columbus North

2. Bloomington South

3. Corydon Central

4. Edgewood

5. Floyd Central

6. Jasper

7. Bloomington North

8. Castle

9. Tell City

10. Southridge

11. Evansville Memorial

12. Barr-Reeve

13. South Knox

14. Princeton

15. Seymour

16. Eastern (Green)

17. Greensburg

18. Evansville Mater Dei

19. Bedford North Lawrence

20. Jennings County

21. North Posey

22. New Albany

23. Borden

24. Silver Creek

25. Brownstown Central

Girls Team Commentary

In the Mix to Win:

* Bloomington South is clearly the class of this regional with a full squad. Based on results from September and early October, that is unlikely to be the case this weekend. Still, the Panthers should contend to win the regional and could finish in the top ten at the state meet.

* Columbus North has been progressing steadily through the season with remarkable consistency and availability. Once thought to be a team possibly on the outside of state meet qualification after deep graduation hits, the Bull Dogs absolutely could win this weekend and push for a top ten state meet place next week. In a mock meet based on sectional performances, CN finished ten points ahead of Bloomington South.

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Corydon Central is fresh off the first sectional title in school history and looking for its second ever qualification in as many seasons. That’s as close to a guarantee as you can get in high school athletics.

On the Bubble:

Interesting to note that Edgewood, Floyd and Jasper had nearly identical team ratings from the sectional round on Inccstats. In a mock meet based of adjusted performances at the various sectionals the three “bubble” teams were separated by 17 points.

* Floyd Central looks great statistically, but availability issues hamper the squad. Stewart helps the Highlanders to score four so solid races down the rest of the line-up should get it done for Floyd who is looking to extend a ten-year state meet streak.

* Edgewood has improved a ton through September and looks to be in a good position to grab one of the remaining state finals berths. Edgewood was fifth in the mock meet and should add in a runner that did not compete at the sectional, which could make a big difference.

* Jasper has availability and depth over the other two candidates but lack the frontrunning. This is a team that could very much get into the mix, and in the mock meet did score fewer points than Edgewood and Floyd. Jasper missed the state met last year but qualified the previous two seasons.

* Bloomington North is in what we term the “Lloyd Christmas Division” with a shot to advance, but not a very good one (somewhere between one in a hundred and one in a million.)

2023 New Prairie Regional Preview

Boys Individual Predictions:

1. Liam Bauschke, 11, Mishawaka

2. Noah Bontrager, 10, Westview

3. Max Malloy, 11, Elkhart

4. Shane Conroy, 11, Portage

5. Mason Nobles, 11, Valparaiso

6. Joey Lapatra, 12, Griffith

7. Ben Perschon, 10, Lake Central

8. Brandon Mueller, 12, Penn

9. Evan O’Connor, 12, Chesterton

10. Aaron Richter, 11, Elkhart

11. Bol Agwick, 12, Adams

12. Sam Sienkowski, 11, Valparaiso

13. Brayden Sobecki, 12, LaPorte

14. Jalen Strietelmeler, 11, Highland

15. Baylor Miller, 10, Northridge

How the Boys Individual Race Might Unfold

* Mishawaka’s Liam Bauschke has been the star of the New Prairie Regional all season and therefore has earned the top spot coming in. Look for Bontrager, Malloy, and Conroy to all keep pace with Bauschke until the final kilometer. Westview’s sophomore sensation, Noah Bontrager, had the best performance of the group at the sectional round last weekend. Bontrager is not afraid of big races or big risks. We’ll look to see the same this Saturday from the young stud.

Boys Teams Predictions:

1. Valparaiso

2. Northridge

3. Lake Central

4. Penn

5. LaPorte

6. Mishawaka

7. Portage

8. Goshen

9. Chesterton

10. Crown Point

11. Elkhart

12. Trinity

13. Illiana Christian

14. Westview

15. Adams

16. Lowell

17. Northwood

18. Hobart

19. Highland

20. Rensselaer Central

21. Kankakee Valley

22. Merrillville

23. DeMotte Christian

24. Winamac Community

25. Benton Central

Boys Team Commentary

This season’s New Prairie Invite came down to the wire with the Raiders and Vikings separated by only 3 points. Expect a similarly close finish between these two teams, grab a coin from your pocket, and give that bad boy a flip. Winner takes it. Lake Central looked hot early and have seemingly cooled with the weather… if Valparaiso and/or Northridge rest athletes look for Lake Central or Penn to find themselves up in the mix for the title. LaPorte, Goshen, and Mishawaka will fight it out for the 5th and final ticket to Terre Haute… the Slicers had the best performance by far of those teams at the sectional round and should be considered the favorite of them to advance.

In the Mix to Win:

* Valparaiso

* Northridge

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Lake Central

* Penn

On the Bubble:

* LaPorte

* Goshen

* Mishawaka

Girls Individual Predictions:

1. Mary Eubank, 12, Penn

2. Whitney Anderson, 9, Valparaiso

3. Libby Ehrhardt, 12, Valparaiso

4. Dakotah Moore, 10, Northridge

5. Cassandra Cohen, 10, Hobart

6. Peyton Bucher, 10, Morgan Twp

7. Dana Abbring, 11, Morgan Twp

8. Emersyn Bland, 12, Morgan Twp

9. Chloe Neal, 9, Lake Central

10. Krista Sytsma, 9, Kankakee Valley

11. Nadia Brumbaugh, 12, Crown Point

12. Addison Roth, 12, Lake Central

13. Faith Spain, 11, LaPorte

14. Liv Hatch, 12, Valparaiso

15. Destiny Lopez, 12, Crown Point

How the Girls Individual Race Might Unfold

* Look for Penn’s Mary Eubank and Valpo’s Whitney Anderson to pull away from the field early. The two will likely battle it out down to the line a la their photo finish from September’s New Prairie Invite in which Eubank took the 5,000-meter race by less than 0.5 seconds! While Valpo’s Anderson had a better performance at Sectionals this committee (of one) likes Eubank FTW. Apart from the individual title race, expect a trio of Morgan Township girls inside the top ten to bolster their runner-up chances.

Girls Teams Predictions:

1. Valparaiso

2. Morgan Twp

3. Lake Central

4. Penn

5. Northridge

6. Crown Point

7. Chesterton

8. Portage

9. LaPorte

10. Highland

11. Mishawaka

12. Goshen

13. Kankakee Valley

14. Illiana Christian

15. Adams

16. Elkhart

17. Munster

18. Kouts

19. Concord

20. Fairfield

21. New Prairie

22. Winamac Community

23. Benton Central

24. Twin Lakes

25. Tri County

Girls Team Commentary

Valparaiso is firmly in the driver’s seat to win the New Prairie Regional this Saturday. The Vikings are led by a star frosh in Whitney Anderson, a very strong #2 in Libby Ehrhardt, and a solid 3-5 pack. They should get it done with some decent cushion. The battle for second will be close between Lake Central and Morgan Twp with the Cherokees’ pack running upfront tough to overcome. Northridge, Crown Point, and Chesterton will look for that final advancing spot… Crown Point has the statistical edge of the other two schools but it’s not overwhelming.

In the Mix to Win:

* Valparaiso

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Morgan Township

* Lake Central

* Penn

On the Bubble:

* Northridge

* Crown Point

* Chesterton

2023 New Haven Regional Preview

Boys Individual Predictions:

1. Nick Cook, 12, Wapahani

2. Vaughn Hendrickson, 12, Concordia Lutheran

3. Jackson Gackenheimer, 10, Warsaw

4. Owen Jackson, 12, Oak Hill

5. Marcus Ridge, 12, Columbia City

6. Sam Yarnell, 12, Angola

7. Hunter Panning, 10, Concordia Lutheran

8. Trenton Sweet, 12, Oak Hill

9. Nick Spielman, 12, Concordia Lutheran

10. Gavin Good, 11, Columbia City

11. Conyer Wilson, 12, Northrop

12. Wyatt Turner, 9, Yorktown

13. Tyler Godwin, 12, Bluffton

14. Tyler Swartz, 12, Warsaw

15. Gavin Hinkley, 12, Angola

How the Boys Individual Race Might Unfold

This is a really interesting individual race. There are multiple sub-16:00 runners in this race, but there is no runaway favorite. Nick Cook is a good choice for the win. Three other sectional champions have realistic shots at the individual title: Vaughn Hendrickson, Jackson Gackenheimer, and Owen Jackson.

If course conditions are good, this will probably be a race that hits the mile mark in the high 4:40s and there will likely still be several runners together at that point. We will see that number slim down as they hit the 2 mile mark in the 9:40s. By the 4K mark, we will probably be down to 2 or 3 runners as the athletes re-enter the woods for the final half mile.

Boys Teams Predictions:

1. Warsaw

2. Concordia Lutheran

3. Oak Hill

4. Homestead

5. Angola

6. Wabash

7. Carroll (FW)

8. Wapahani

9. Columbia City

10. Yorktown

11. Marion

12. Culver Academies

13. Northrop

14. Bluffton

15. Leo

16. Norwell

17. Bishop Dwenger

18. East Noble

19. Snider

20. Manchester

21. Garrett

22. Madison-Grant

23. Bellmont

24. Southern Wells

25. Muncie Burris

Boys Team Commentary

In the Mix to Win:

This really is a toss-up between these top two teams. Both teams have an elite frontrunner and both teams have similar 2-5 matchups.

* Warsaw –Jackson Gackenheimer has had a great sophomore campaign. Tyler Swartz and Tyler Mimnaugh could also be in the mix for top 20 individuals on Saturday.

* Concordia Lutheran – Senior Vaughn Hendrickson has had a stellar season, leading the Cadets this fall. Sophomore Hunter Panning and senior Nick Spielman are solid 2 and 3 runners.

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Oak Hill – This is probably the best small school boys team in Indiana this year. Led by senior teammates Owen Jackson and Trenton Sweet, they are trying to lead the Golden Eagles back to the state finals for the first time in 18 years. If fellow senior Toby Sneed runs well, we think Oak Hill will punch their ticket to Terre Haute.

On the Bubble:

* Homestead – Junior Aiden Waugh leads a varsity squad full of sophomores and juniors. After an early exit in last year’s sectional, look for the Spartans to be in good position for a top 5 finish on Saturday.

* Angola – The West Noble Sectional champs went 1-2-3 at sectional. Sam Yarnell is a legit frontrunner, but they are vulnerable at the 5 position. The only time that Angola qualified for the boys state meet as a team was back in 1954.

* Wabash – This team is running great recently, coming off a solid team race at the Manchester Sectional. Isaiah Cordes looked great this past weekend. They could definitely snag 4th or 5th place with a great race on Saturday. Wabash has qualified for state 8 times, but zero times this century.

* Carroll (FW) – This is a team that could qualify as a pack, as they could have a 1-5 gap as low as 30 seconds. They have a top 5 that consists of 2 seniors, 1 sophomore, and 2 freshmen – so this is a young varsity squad heading into regional with big goals.

* Wapahani – This is a team that has been in the mix all season, as they have potentially the best runner in this field. They will need big races from their quartet of sophomores if they are going to push for a top 5 finish. Wapahani has never qualified a boys team for the state finals.

* Columbia City – The Eagles have great frontrunners in Ridge and Good, but they are young behind that with 2 freshmen in their top 5. Junior Daniel Mullett will be a key runner at regional.

Girls Individual Predictions:

1. Nicki Southerland, 12, Delta

2. Addison Knoblauch, 12, Homestead

3. Mallory Weller, 10, Concordia Lutheran

4. Josefina Rastrelli, 12, Warsaw

5. Lexi Panning, 12, Concordia Lutheran

6. Alice Friesen, 9, Huntington North

7. Rowyn Norris, 9, Leo

8. Caterina Perego, 10, Homestead

9. Lucy Kramer, 9, Homestead

10. Maren Wilson, 10, Northrop

11. Addison Lindsey, 11, East Noble

12. Sidney Scheumann, 12, Concordia Lutheran

13. Kenya Leitch, 9, Columbia City

14. Taylor Hansen, 12, Carroll (FW)

15. Ayla Cashdollar, 10, Manchester

How the Girls Individual Race Might Unfold

This is probably the best regional in the state for the girls individual race. Nicki Southerland and Addison Knoblauch are both legitimate contenders for the state title. Concordia teammates Weller and Panning as well as Warsaw’s Rastrelli are all top 10 runners in Indiana. This is a loaded field of runners.

Southerland has a history of going out hard and taking the race from the start. Knoblauch appeared to conserve some energy at sectional, so she will likely be up to the task to go with Southerland.

We expect the pace to be quick and for multiple runners to crack 18:00 in this race. Southerland has been incredibly fast and consistent all season, so we are calling her the individual favorite.

Girls Teams Predictions:

1. Homestead

2. Concordia Lutheran

3. Carroll (FW)

4. Warsaw

5. East Noble

6. Huntington North

7. Northrop

8. Columbia City

9. Manchester

10. Adams Central

11. West Noble

12. Leo

13. Bishop Dwenger

14. Plymouth

15. Yorktown

16. Monroe Central

17. Norwell

18. Woodlan

19. Oak Hill

20. Eastbrook

21. Marion

22. Wapahani

23. Prairie Heights

24. Daleville

25. Blue River Valley

Girls Team Commentary

In the Mix to Win:

These are two of the best teams in Indiana, both are legitimate contenders for the state title next week. They were only separated by 3 points at sectional. This regional race should be similarly close.

* Homestead – Addison Knoblauch is an elite frontrunner. Young runners Caterina Perego and Lucy Kramer give the Spartans a great 2-3 punch. They have great depth all the way through their #7 runner.

* Concordia Lutheran – Mallory Weller and Lexi Panning are probably the best 1-2 punch in Indiana. The Cadets are not quite as deep as Homestead in their 4-7 runners, which is why we are listing them as the number two pick.

In Good Position to Qualify for State:

* Carroll (FW) – The Chargers are a veteran squad, with multiple seniors and juniors in their top 5. Taylor Hansen has had a solid senior season as the team’s frontrunner. They are not quite as good as the top 2 teams, but they should finish in a solid 3rd place.

On the Bubble:

* Warsaw – Senior Josefina Rastrelli is an elite frontrunner. The Tigers need more runners sub-20 at regional to solidify their chance of moving on to the state finals.

* East Noble – Addison Lindsey is a great #1 and the Knights are solid at 2-3. They need good races from their 4-5 on Saturday to finish in the top 5.

* Huntington North – Freshman Alice Friesen is running great. This is a team with a lot of juniors and seniors in their top 7. They will need those older athletes to step up at regional to qualify for state.

* Northrop – Sophomore Maren Wilson is solid up front, but there is a 90+ second gap between her and the team’s #2 runner. That gap needs to come way down if the Bruins want to be in the mix for a top 5 finish.

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